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Google Tilt Brush

I had my first go on Google Tilt Brush several weeks ago! It's a virtual reality painting program where you can paint in the air around you in three dimensions. The amazing and lovely people at The Collective were kind enough to let me get my hands on their setup.

I'd never tried VR before and it took my breath away as soon as I put on the headset and made the first mark. The sensation of being there in 3D space is real and being able to paint in space with brushes of light, floating bubbles and electric rainbows made me giddy. This is probably reflected in my first attempt at it, excuse the undisciplined artwork – it's all over the place ...

Can't wait to get my head into it more and learn some mastery of it.   

Anyways, here's a couple of videos of my first attempt (they're a bit low-res):